Wodaplug® LTE -A Multifunction Router,QCA9531,micro,2*LAN, WiFi

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Multifunctional micro mobile router with LTE 4G / LTE-A support (up to CAT12) and built-in WiFi in a metal durable case with two LTE and WIFI antennas and pigtails - Wodaplug ® LTE router Multi-function QCA9531, E micro Board mini router metal case, 2x LAN / 3G / UMTS / 4G / LTE-A 5G / LTE Advanced gateway, PPPOE, dhcp-4G, M2M, miniPCIe and M.2 slot, H5312 - LTE-A (CAT12) ready !!



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  • new Lede / OpenWRT software support more function than SDK:
  • support IPv6
  • support one LTE module in miniPCIe or in M.2 slot
  • support VPN function
  • support control band width and use Qos !


 M2M series Cellular Router Motherboard  which allows you to access and share 4G /3G LTE mobile broadband connections via Wi-Fi and Ethernet . The M2M series Cellular Router Motherboard enables users to quickly create a secure Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n) network and provide access to the Internet using a cellular network.    an Internet connection can be accessed and shared virtually anywhere within a wireless broadband network.

M2M 4G Cell Router are widely used in many  industrial fields, Face the harsh environment , Never stop network connectivity,  such as:

  • Traffic signals monitor and control, Traffic info guidance
  • Oil field, weather forecast, environmental protection, street lamp monitoring and control
  • Early Warning of Mountain Torrent
  • Truck fleet  management
  • Power distribution network supervision
  • Central heating system supervision
  • Weather station data transmission
  • Hydrologic data acquisition
  • Vending machine
  • Telemetry, SCADA
  • Vehicle logistics and diagnostics controlling
  • Parking meter and Taxi Monitor
  • Telecom equipment supervision (Mobile base station, microwave or optical relay station)
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