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Wodasport® SolarPanels Outdoor Adventure™ B16P4WF Fast Charge, 16000 mAh, 4 x solar panel 1.3Ah, Direct Solar Charging
  • Wodasport® SolarPanels Outdoor Adventure™ B16P4WF Fast Charge, 16000 mAh, 4 x solar panel 1.3Ah, Direct Solar Charging
  • Wodasport® SolarPanels Outdoor Adventure™ B16P4WF Fast Charge, 16000 mAh, 4 x solar panel 1.3Ah, Direct Solar Charging
  • Wodasport® SolarPanels Outdoor Adventure™ B16P4WF Fast Charge, 16000 mAh, 4 x solar panel 1.3Ah, Direct Solar Charging
  • Wodasport® SolarPanels Outdoor Adventure™ B16P4WF Fast Charge, 16000 mAh, 4 x solar panel 1.3Ah, Direct Solar Charging
  • Wodasport® SolarPanels Outdoor Adventure™ B16P4WF Fast Charge, 16000 mAh, 4 x solar panel 1.3Ah, Direct Solar Charging
  • Wodasport® SolarPanels Outdoor Adventure™ B16P4WF Fast Charge, 16000 mAh, 4 x solar panel 1.3Ah, Direct Solar Charging

Wodasport® SolarPanels Outdoor Adventure™ B16P4WF Fast Charge, 16000 mAh, 4 x solar panel 1.3Ah, Direct Solar Charging

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    • Capacity 20000 mAh (charges up to 3 devices simultaneously, in the sun continuously) 
    • 1.2 A/h via solar panel
    • Extremely efficient solar panels 15-21%
    • Solar panel for direct solar charging
    • Wireless phone charging 10W ! Standard up to 20W
    • Quick charge 3.x support via USB-C
    • IP65 dust and water resistance
    • Simultaneous charging and discharging 1 USB connector 1x USB-C, 1x USB-A, 1x iphone lightning
    • LED flashlight with 4i mods
    • Packaging made of special materials
    • Hanging strap for trecking

16 cm - length
9 cm - width
4 cm - thickness
568 g - weight

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The first and only solar power bank for 2023-4 on the market supporting Quick charge 3 features.0 and direct solar charging equipped with foldable 4x solar panels; for true solar charging 1,2Ah with 16000 mAh capacity at an incredible lightweight of 568 grams by using the most advanced charging cells guaranteeing a minimum of 700+ cycles in an incredible and hard to believe dust and water resistant design with up to 3x simultaneous charging capability - Discharge with built-in LED lighting capable of SOS mode in operation and for outdoor wear equipped with a case in the base made of special low-wear materials + mounting panels in folded state

  • 20000 mAh/5V real capacity Wodasport ® outdoor wanted smartsports series tuned product
  • Extremely efficient solar panel charging 15-21% charging current 2.4A + 3x built-in 2.4A cables - a must for today's monster battery smartphones QCH 3.x
  • Shockproof waterproof and dustproof OUDOOR TPU and PC+ABS case with special IP65 materials
  • Monocrystalline silicon solar panels 1.2Ah for direct solar charging with recessed anti drop damage
  • 1x gift outdoor hanger for hanging behind a reinforced frame on a backpack, bike, belt, etc.
  • Easy intuitive 1 for all control & handling & wanted outdoor cool - in design.
  • Built-in standby powerful POWER LED flashlight + SOS and warning mode
  • Dual-circuit intelligently controlled A level Polymer lithium battery
  • Excellent for use for direct solar charging and recharging GPS, iPhone, iPad, iPod, PDA, digital camera, MP3, MP4 or PSP etc.
  • Recharging from solar energy
  • 6xsecured (protection: overcharging, discharging, in against overvoltage, pole swapping, in against short circuit, out against short circuit, out protection against overvoltage)

Wodasport 2023 ® tuned edition smart WATERPROOF shockproof TPU and PC+ABS surface ,   outdoor powerbank 20000 mAh at 3.75V (not like the others, where it measures capacity at 3 or 3.3V) with solar charging and dual battery intelligently controlled circuit with auxiliary charging 1.2Ah solar silicon panel, enough to charge about 6 smart drives and in direct sunlight has no limitations. It can charge 3 devices at the same time. Using 2 A output with incredibly fast charging!!! The only one in its price range on the market where the claimed values really match !!! Uses both usb mini input and solar power to charge, can charge over 10000mA in a day, just hang on ram, backpack etc.

Easy intuitive operation and handling. PRO series outdoor cool - in design.

Excellent for use with GPS, iPhone, iPad, iPod, PDA, digital camera, MP3, MP4 or PSP etc. An essential piece of equipment for geocaching.

+ built-in standby powerful POWER LED flashlight

+ SOS emergency mode

+ super outdoor  attachment strap as a gift

    • This product features a superior A level Polymer lithium battery and is designed to meet IPC-600 international standards.
    • Intelligent protection:  6 kinds of protection on PCBA, overcharge protection, discharge protection, overvoltage protection, pole swap protection, input short circuit protection, output short circuit protection, output overvoltage protection, etc. 
    • Smart microprocessor control, 1 for all control
    • Low stand-by power consumption
    • Stop output automatic shutdown of charging after reaching full charge
    • Intelligent status indication.
    • It can charge almost all phones/tablets 
    • Dual USB output and wirelles output - can charge mobile phones and tablet at the same time.
    • The solar panel can be recharged by sunlight by hanging it on your bike or backpack or belt!
    • Charging time QCH 3.0 via USB 8-16 hours (first two cycles at least 8 hours), or 12-24 hours by solar charging

Wodasport SolarWings Outdoor Adventure power bank review: Charge your iPhone with sunshine - by www.letemsvetemapplem.eu


In today's review, we'll take a look at a relatively unconventional powerbank<nbsp;Wodasport SolarWings Outdoor Adventure, which can be charged by sunlight in addition to charging from the mains. In fact, it has solar panels that can "feed" it with energy quite quickly and thus de facto provide free charging of electronics. How impressed were we with this power bank?</nbsp;


Technical specifications


Before we get into the analysis of my personal experience of the powerbank, it is necessary to introduce you to its technical specifications, as there is definitely something to be desired. First of all, you need to know that this is a power bank with a 20000 mAh capacity, which in itself means that you are dealing with a device that can charge your electronics several times.  And not only that - there are three ports that can be used for simultaneous charging. Specifically, these are Lightning, USB-A and USB-C, and in all cases the maximum power consumption of the cable is 12W, which is not the fastest possible charging that current iPhones support (they can officially handle 20W), but on the other hand, neither is it the slowest. In addition to wired charging, wireless charging support is also available, specifically at 10W, which is absolutely standard for wireless chargers. Sure, if there was support for 15W MagSafe charging, one would kind of be happier, but we'll have to leave it at that.


Since the power bank is designed for outdoor use, it's probably no surprise that it's made of durable plastic and is IP65 certified for dust and water resistance. For me personally, then, it was quite a pleasant surprise to see how solid not only the body of the powerbank feels, but also the individual solar panels, which are placed on a material resembling leatherette. Sure, the impact of a sharp rock or similar things would probably break them, but some less gentle handling should make the panels withstand at least according to my testing without much trouble. As for other bonuses that can come in handy during outdoor activities, it is worth mentioning the LED flashlight with four modes (by the way, it can "flash" even SOS, which is definitely a useful gadget), which can help you call for rescue and so on, the strap handle for attaching to a backpack or jacket, or perhaps the relatively friendly dimensions. No, this powerbank really isn't a pocket affair, as it measures 16 x 9 x 4 cm at 568 grams, but again, this is an outdoor piece that isn't even designed for "pocket" use, and most importantly, it's a piece that's 16,000 mAh. You simply can't expect smaller size and weight from that - especially when the power supply is taken care of by, among other things, solars. Cable charging is then handled via USB-A or USB-C.


As for the other features of the powerbank, it is worth mentioning the six-step protection, which ensures maximum safety when using the device, low power consumption in standby state, or a very high quality A level Polymer lithium battery, which should provide the powerbank with over 700 charging cycles, in other words, again taking into account the 16,000 mAh capacity really long life. Because hand on heart, you really can't discharge 16,000 mAh right away, although of course you have to account for some of that loss when charging.



 I have to admit that testing powerbanks has never been one of my favorite activities, as it is usually a "one and done" activity. However, playing with the Wodasport SolarWings Outdoor Adventure was a different story altogether, as it is a truly unusual powerbank, at least for me personally. Sure, its purpose is standard in the end - that is, to charge electronics anywhere and anytime, which of course it does. I've tested charging specifically with the iPhone 14 Pro, 13, 13 mini, SE 2, iPad 8, AirPods, or the Apple TV remote, and I haven't encountered any problems with either product. Both wired and wireless charging "starts up" very quickly when the powerbank is turned on the charging speed itself isn't completely futile either. Yes, MagSafe speed it is not, but some three hours for wired charging of iPhone 14 Pro does not seem so crazy to me. As for the wired charging, here the charging is still a few tens of minutes slower due to energy losses, but quite frankly I think that the wireless charging speed will be a minor issue, as wireless charging is rather a minor issue with this type of power bank.


However, charging a power bank is undoubtedly much more interesting than charging electronics. Specifically, the manufacturer states that the cable takes about 8 hours to charge, with 12 to 24 hours needed for solar charging depending on the weather. And since corded charging is pretty boring, energy prices are high at the moment, and the charger arrived roughly 30% charged (you'll find diode indicators on the body of the charger to keep track of charge status), I didn't hesitate for a minute and took the powerbank out onto the patio and then into the garden to expose it to the sun. Once you turn the powerbank on and unfold its solar panel, you'll know that it's charging from the sun thanks to the indicator light that just indicates solar charging. On the positive side, there's no need for the sun to be outright scorching, as it charges even when it's slightly below clouds, though of course at a slower rate. I was lucky enough to have just "caught" a couple of sunny days, so I was able to enjoy a fairly quick charge. And when I say fast, I mean really fast - I actually managed to charge the powerbank from 30% to about 70% in the sun in about 5 hours, which is not bad at all in my opinion. Sure, the higher tens of percents are already slower to charge, so one really only gets "only" to some 12 to 14 hours in ideal sunshine, but to get to 24 hours on a single powerbank charge, it must be really relatively ugly. What's great is that you don't have to worry about charging at all, because you can just hang the power bank on your backpack and go on a trip. The only way it will charge is by being in the light. Another interesting thing to note is that if the power bank is fully discharged and you connect the electronics to it, open the solar panels and then switch on the power bank, the solar energy will start charging the electronics "directly" and not the power bank. True, it's not a breakneck speed, but when you need quick power to call for help, for example, this gadget is definitely nice.


And how is the power bank in terms of loss of charge? There is no point in fooling yourself, there are losses and not very small ones. Although you should, for example, charge the iPhone 14 Pro with its 3200 mAh battery theoretically 6.25 times, the truth is that you get to about four charges. There is one huge but, however, which is extremely positive. Since the powerbank charges from the sun even when it's charging electronics, you can't talk about losses in the true sense of the word. In fact, the charge or, if you prefer, the endurance of the powerbank is constantly stretched thanks to solar charging, thanks to which you have, with a little exaggeration, an unlimited source of energy, as long as you give it as much light as possible. Talking about losslessness here is therefore in a way meaningless, because the powerbank Wodasport SolarWings Outdoor Adventure simply works differently than usual.


In my opinion, the flashlight on the powerbank also deserves a short evaluation, which is seemingly a small accessory, but I guarantee you will love it. In the maximum, it shines really well in the distance (you can see at some 10 meters without any problem), but also in the width (estimated 5 meters, while its second, weaker mode is not bad at all. The other two modes are designed to alert the surroundings that you have a problem, either by flashing SOS or by blinking rapidly without any deeper meaning.



So how to evaluate the powerbank Wodasport SolarWings Outdoor Adventure ? In my eyes, this is a very interesting piece that will find its application on various hikes and trips, as well as, for example, in cottages and cabins where you do not have access to electricity. Charging the power bank by sunlight is not rocket science, but on the other hand it is reliable and if you do not expect miracles from it, but approach it really in the style of "I start in the morning, in the evening it will be charged", there is not much to solve. The speed of charging the electronics is then, given that it takes place from the powerbank, also perfectly tolerable. So if you're looking for a really interesting powerbank that can be charged by other means than electricity,the Wodasport SolarWings Outdoor Adventure could really appeal to you.

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