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MagSafe powerbank WDSPD20W, partylife social networking™ 9000 mA/h Solar, Super Fast QC 3 SCP 22.5W
  • MagSafe powerbank WDSPD20W, partylife social networking™ 9000 mA/h Solar, Super Fast QC 3 SCP 22.5W
  • MagSafe powerbank WDSPD20W, partylife social networking™ 9000 mA/h Solar, Super Fast QC 3 SCP 22.5W
  • MagSafe powerbank WDSPD20W, partylife social networking™ 9000 mA/h Solar, Super Fast QC 3 SCP 22.5W
  • MagSafe powerbank WDSPD20W, partylife social networking™ 9000 mA/h Solar, Super Fast QC 3 SCP 22.5W

MagSafe powerbank WDSPD20W, partylife social networking™ 9000 mA/h Solar, Super Fast QC 3 SCP 22.5W

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  • Super pocketable 9000 mAh capacity (charges up to 2 devices) Magbank in an ultra-compact design
  • Using the latest A cell technology
  • Solar panel for solar backup charging -(5V/300mA)
  • Wireless phone charging 15W! 
  • Support quick charge 3.0 , PD 20W 
  • MAGSAFE function compatible, portable pocket design - Super ultracompact design
  • 10 protection functions for 100% safety and charging with indicators
  • Type-C Input        5V/2A 9V/2A  - QC 3.0  PD 18W = Super Fast Charging
  • USB-A Output 5V/3A 9V/2A 12V/1.5A 5V/4.5A (SCP 22.5W)
  • USB-2 Output        5V/3A 9V/2A 12V/1.5A
  • Type-C Output 5V/3A 9V/2.22A 12V/1.67A (WDSPD20W)
  • Wireless Output 5V/2A 9V/1.66A/15W max
  • Strong magnet  and MagSafe function (snap and hold) !!!
  • Up to 3 devices can be charged simultaneously. Basic equipment for PartyLife and SocialNetworking


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Wodasign introduces the new solar MagSafe partystyle social networking Magbank / powerbank WDSPD20W magnetic magsafe compatible with super pocket capacity 9000 mAh (charges up to 2 devices), solar panel for backup charging, wireless phone charging using magnetic attachment 15W, support quick charge 3.0 for super fast charging PD 18W , Super Fast USB-C charging Power Delivery PD 20W, 

First solar power bank for the 2024-25 market Supporting the features Quick charge 3.0 and wireless charging 15W with MagSafe compatible magnetic attachment to phone and wireless phone charging enabling this feature, with  capacity 9000  thanks to the use of state-of-the-art charging cells Grade A guaranteeing a minimum of 700+ cycles in upgraded dust-resistant design with solarium recharge capability  equipped with an improved 300mAh solar panel for additional recharging.

  • 9000mAh / 3,7V real capacity , super fast charging and recharging ( 20W/18W)!
  • Wodasport ® outdoor ;wanted smart sports series tuned product MagSafe compatible
  • Charge current up to 4.5A ( SCP22.5W ) + additional slot 2.1A , increased voltage up to 9V and 12V a must for today's monster batteries QCH 3 smartphones.0
  • Odolní OUDOOR TPU and PC+ABS case with special materials 
  • Monocrystallinestrengthcon;300mA solar panel for backup charging with recessed fall damage protection 
  • strong magnet for secure and strong attachment of the phone with MagSafe function
  • Easy intuitive 1 for all controlling controllingsmart microprocessor wanted pocket cool-in design. 
  • Excellenceissuitable for use with GPS, iPhone, iPad, iPod, PDA, digital camera, MP3, MP4 or PSP etc. and all devices supporting wireless charging standard or Magsafe.
  • Wireless phone charging thanks to special Wireless charge technology + MagSafe compatible technology with powerful magnets built right into the body of the powerbank 
  • 10x (protection: overcharging, discharging, in against overvoltage, pole swapping, in against short circuit, out against short circuit, out overvoltage protection, charging indication)

Wodasport ® tuned edition Magsafe compatible outdoor  powerbank 9000mAh at 3.3V with dual battery intelligently controlled circuit with auxiliary charging 300mA solar silicon panel. Sufficient to charge about 2smartdrives. Can charge up to 3 devices at the same time - 2*USB/C + wireless charging. Offers 4.5A output with incredibly fast charging!!!

The only one in its price category on the market where the stated values really match !!! To charge it uses both C input and solar energy, the integrated panel can charge the power bank when placed in the sun and at the same time protects against overheating. Easy intuitive control and handling. PRO series outdoor compact MagSafe cool-in design. Excellent for use with GPS, iPhone, iPad, iPod, PDA, digital cameras, MP3, MP4 or PSP etc. Essential equipment for partylife and social networking.

    • This product features a superior A level Polymer lithium battery and is designed to meet international IPC-600 standards.
    • Intelligent protection: 10 kinds of protection on PCBA, overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, over-voltage protection, pole-switching protection, input short-circuit protection, output short-circuit protection, output over-voltage protection, etc.
    • Low stand-by power consumption
    • Stop output automatic shutdown of charging after reaching full charge
    • Intelligent status indication.
    • It can charge almost all phones/tablets and even laptops (but probably capacity-limiting) with USB-C charging;
    • Dual USB output and wireless output-can charge mobile phones and tablet at the same time.
    • The solar panel can recharge by sunlight when you normally put down your phone/powerbank Magbanks!
    • Option to connect additional standard external solar charging panels
    • Warning USB-C cable not included 

 Dimensions and weight : 108 mm - length, 69 mm - width , 22 mm - thickness, 207 g - weight

Color grey or black depending on availability.

Warning and explanation on capacities and real charges and what the wodasign tuning series actually means:

All powerbanks use 3.7V cells (quality varies) - this is simply a manufacturing requirement and so the capacity of the powerbank is stated in mAh capacity at 3.7V . You ask why I measure a lot less and why the capacity is not stated at the voltage used after deducting losses (today we charge the phone not only at 5V (which is USB), but also at 9V 12V and laptops at 18V - (that's why the C connector, USB does not allow higher voltage) . And there is the huge difference between our wodasign.net tuned series (we have been "tinkering" with it for about 10 years) with guaranteed high quality electronics inside and unbranded powerbanks, where manufacturers do not care about the quality of electronics designed to convert voltage to higher levels and they do not care whether they use a quality design or a cheap solution and the number indicating the capacity (often already inflated) is very misleading. Don't forget about the quality of the basic 3.7V cells used!  This is why there is a massive loss of capacity when charging and if you add to this the aforementioned standard lying by manufacturers about capacity, you end up with only 25%-33% of the claimed capacity. To verify the installed capacity figure is impossible for a layman, he would have to disassemble the powerbank and lose the warranty etc etc. This is why we list our real capacity of the batteries placed in our powerbanks, we are confident in that number and using some of the best electronics to handle voltage conversion and charging we can guarantee solid numbers. It is up to you to enjoy the wodasign product you purchase and at most organize tests to verify that our powerbank lasts longer than others, which is a common standard as you will find out... Attributes like outdoor, IPXX and others like the impact and abrasion tested design is the result of years of development and testing of what people really need from their wodasign supervisors !!!!

your wodasign tunig team....

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